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Selection of Precision Grinding of Aluminum Alloy

Selection of aluminum alloy machining fluid
For finishing, it is appropriate to choose emulsified anti-friction cutting fluid or low-viscosity cutting oil.
For semi-finishing and rough machining, it is appropriate to choose a low-concentration emulsified anti-friction cutting fluid or a semi-synthetic anti-friction cutting fluid with good cooling performance.
For the grinding process, the grinding debris is very small, and a lot of heat will be generated during the grinding process. Therefore, when choosing a cutting fluid, it is necessary to consider not only the lubrication and cooling performance, but also the filterability of the cutting fluid. If the selected cutting fluid is too thick and the chips cannot be deposited or filtered out in time, then the surface of the workpiece will be scratched as the cutting fluid circulates to the processing area, thereby affecting the finish of the processed surface.
The cutting oil is easy to choose a base oil with a relatively low viscosity to add anti-friction additives, which can achieve lubrication and anti-friction, as well as good cooling and easy filtering. However, the problem of cutting oil is its low flash point, heavy smoke during high-speed cutting, high risk factor, and fast volatilization. The user cost is correspondingly higher. Therefore, when conditions permit, try to choose water-soluble cutting fluid. For water-based cutting fluids, it is more important to consider its rust resistance. Nowadays, the commonly used water-based aluminum rust inhibitors include silicate and phosphate grease. For workpieces that have been stored for a long time between processes, it is easy to choose cutting fluids with phosphate-based rust inhibitors during processing, because silicon materials are long with aluminum materials. Time contact will cause corrosion to produce black "silicon spots". The pH value of the cutting fluid is mostly maintained at 8-10. If the rust resistance is not good, the aluminum material is easily corroded under this alkaline condition. Therefore, the water-soluble cutting fluid must have good aluminum rust resistance.The choice of cutting fluid for aluminum alloy machining is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the cutting fluid has good lubricity and rust resistance, but also has good stability, filtration and easy maintenance. Only in this way can we process products that meet the requirements, Minimize the use cost of cutting fluid.

Precision Grinding of Aluminum Alloy