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Features of Precision Grinding of Stamping Die Parts

Features of precision machining of stamping parts
Finishing and super finishing must not only ensure the finishing accuracy and surface quality of the stamping parts, but also have a higher stability or retention, which is not affected by changes in external conditions.
1. The uniformity and performance of the stamping material itself. There should be no internal or external microscopic defects, and even certain requirements for the fibrosis of the material structure, such as aluminum alloy discs of precision discs, precision metal balls, etc.
2. The processing environment of precision stamping parts must be strict and work in a constant temperature purifier. The purification requirement is level 100, and the temperature requirement can reach (20±0.006℃). In addition, there must be a vibration-proof foundation and other vibration-proof measures. ;
3. The precision processing equipment for stamping parts not only has high precision, but also adopts constant temperature measures inside the equipment to gradually form an independent processing unit. For example, some precision machine tools are set in a large cover, and the cover maintains a constant temperature.
4. Reasonable arrangement of heat treatment process conditions; precision stamping processing is closely related to heat treatment, aging, freezing treatment and other processes to ensure the accuracy and stability of stamping parts;
5. The finishing of stamping parts must be precisely measured. Without corresponding finishing methods, it is impossible to scientifically measure the surface quality and accuracy obtained by finishing. Sometimes, precision measurement becomes very important in the precision processing and ultra-precision processing of stamping parts, such as high-precision aerostatic bearings, the measurement of radial runout and axial runout is difficult, which limits the static aerostatic pressure The further improvement of bearing accuracy shows that precision measurement is also inseparable from precision machining.
Precision Grinding of Stamping Die Parts