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The manufacturing process of the CNC grinding parts


(1) (CNC grinding)Whether the oil in the oil pool of the grinding wheel frame reaches the specified oil level. 

(2) (CNC grinding)Adjust whether the belt tightness is appropriate. 

(3) (CNC grinding)Whether the reciprocating motion of shaking hand wheel, worktable and grinding wheel frame is good. 

(4) (CNC grinding)The protective cover of grinding wheel and grinding wheel shall be firmly clamped, the position shall be correct, and the dust guard felt of workbench guide rail shall be in close contact. 

(5) Check whether the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety lamp, conductor and grounding wire) is in good condition, and whether the surrounding environment is clean and free of short circuit. 

(6) Check all lubricating parts, sliding surfaces and transmission system, and inject lubricating oil. 

(7) Turn on the power supply, start the motors of oil pump, grinding wheel frame and headframe in sequence, and pay attention to the running state. In case of abnormal shape and sound, turn off the power immediately, and start the vehicle after inspection and treatment. 

(8) Start the grinder and idle for 2 ~ 3min to check whether the action of each part is normal. In case of abnormal conditions such as mechanism failure, bearing overheating, insufficient oil pressure, grinding wheel swing and unstable workbench movement, stop the machine, cut off the power supply and take measures to deal with it. It is strictly prohibited for users to disassemble beyond the scope of self inspection and self repair. 

(9) Check whether the motor of the cooling pump operates normally and whether the coolant is unblocked.

(10) When clamping the grinding wheel, a paper pad of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm shall be placed between the grinding wheel and the pressing plate. It must be fastened evenly with a special wrench, and it is not allowed to fasten it with an extended pipe, so as to avoid the expansion and crack of the grinding wheel. 

(11) After the grinding wheel is installed, it shall run without load for 5min. The operator shall avoid the front and use it only after confirming that the grinding wheel operates normally.