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The operating procedure of the CNC grinding(1)

1.(CNC grinding) The operator can only operate after passing the examination and obtaining the operation certificate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine and abide by the safety and shift handover system.

2.(CNC grinding) The operator must understand and memorize each lubricating part, lubricating method, type and brand of lubricating oil in detail according to the requirements of the manual of the powerful grinder, and carry out oil supply and maintenance according to the provisions of the lubrication chart of the grinder.

3. (CNC grinding)Before starting work, wear protective articles as required, check all parts of the grinder in detail according to the shift handover record book, and report problems level by level in time. Do not start work until abnormalities are eliminated.

5. The clamping of workpiece must meet the regulations. For the workpiece that is interrupted for some reason, it must be confirmed that it is in good condition before it can be started.

6. When processing the workpiece, the oil dirt, black dirt and dust on the workpiece must be removed in advance; The grinding wheel and grinding quantity shall be reasonably selected according to the material of the machined parts, and it is strictly prohibited to grind the workpiece blank.

7. When clamping and measuring the workpiece, the grinding wheel must be retracted from the workpiece and stopped. Do not stop halfway when the workpiece and grinding wheel have not left. When the grinding wheel approaches the workpiece, it is not allowed to send it by motor.