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The operating procedure of the CNC grinding(2)

8. (CNC grinding)When working, it is forbidden for the operator to leave the grinder or entrust someone to take care of it. If it is necessary to leave due to power failure or other reasons, stop the grinding wheel after leaving the workpiece. When starting the grinder again, the grinder can be started only after confirming that there is no abnormality in each part.

9. (CNC grinding)During the operation of the grinder, pay attention to the state of each transmission part, such as whether the oil temperature and oil pressure are normal, whether the coolant is poured onto the workpiece smoothly and accurately, whether the temperature of the oil pump and motor is normal, whether there is abnormal shape and sound, whether the position of each operating handle is correct, whether each fastening part is loose and displaced, etc.

10. (CNC grinding)It is forbidden to place metal objects on the worktable and painted surface.

11. It is forbidden to knock, disassemble and straighten the workpiece on the worktable and bed.

12. In case of grinder accident, keep the site, cut off the power supply, report quickly and deal with it properly.

13. After the work is completed, the grinding wheel shall be removed from the workpiece, the main power supply shall be cut off, each handle shall be placed in the empty position, the normal state of the grinder shall be restored, and daily maintenance shall be done.

14. Carefully fill in shift handover record book and other relevant records.