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The composition of the CNC wire cutting (2)

Liquid supply system(CNC wire cutting)
The liquid supply system is composed of working fluid tank, hydraulic pump and nozzle to provide sufficient and appropriate working fluid for cutting and processing of the machine tool. Working fluids mainly include mineral oil, emulsion and deionized water. Its main functions are: cooling the electrode, workpiece and machining chips, generating the explosion pressure of discharge, de ionizing the discharge zone and descaling the discharge products.

Pulse power supply(CNC wire cutting)
Pulse power supply is an energy device that generates pulse current. Wire cutting pulse power supply is one of the most critical equipment affecting the process index of wire cutting. In order to meet the cutting conditions and process indicators, the requirements for pulse power supply are: large peak current, narrow pulse width, high pulse frequency, small loss of line electrode and convenient parameter setting.

Control system(CNC wire cutting)
The whole WEDM Process and molybdenum wire trajectory are controlled by digital program, and the cutting can be controlled according to the machining instructions in ISO format and 3b and 4B format. The function of the machine tool is mainly determined by the function of the control system.