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The usage and feature of the CNC wire cutting

(CNC wire cutting)The machining accuracy of WEDM can reach ± 0.01mm, and the surface roughness is r α It is 1.25 ~ 2.5um. Wire cutting can process plate metal workpieces with high hardness and complex contour shape, such as cemented carbide and quenched steel, which are difficult or impossible to be processed by general cutting methods, especially the punch and die in offset cutting (blanking) die. CNC wire cutting is an indispensable advanced machining method in mechanical manufacturing, which has the following characteristics:

(1) (CNC wire cutting)Using the principle of electric erosion, the electrode wire does not directly contact the workpiece, and the force between them is very small, so the deformation of the workpiece is very small, and the electrode wire and fixture do not need too high strength.

(2) (CNC wire cutting)The linear electrode wire is directly used as the electrode, and there is no need to make a special electrical grade, which can save the cost of electrode design and manufacturing.

(3) (CNC wire cutting)It can process the workpiece with complex shape which is difficult or impossible to process by traditional cutting methods. Because the NC WEDM machine tool is a digital control system, it only needs to compile different control programs to process different workpieces, and it is easy to realize automatic machining for workpieces of different shapes. It is very suitable for the processing of small batch parts, single parts and trial products with complex shape, and the processing cycle is short.

(4) Four axis linkage is adopted to process taper, upper and lower special-shaped bodies and other parts.