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The function and characteristic of the CNC wire cutting

(5)(China CNC wire cutting) In traditional turning, milling and drilling, the tool hardness must be greater than the workpiece hardness, while the electrode wire of NC EDM machine tool does not have to be harder than the workpiece material. It can process materials with high hardness or brittleness, which are difficult or impossible to process by general cutting method. In machining, the electrode wire as a tool does not need grinding, which can save auxiliary time and tool cost.

(6)(China CNC wire cutting) The direct use of electricity and heat energy for processing can facilitate the adjustment of processing parameters (such as pulse width, interval and current) affecting the processing accuracy, improve the processing accuracy and realize the automatic control of the processing process.

(7)(China CNC wire cutting) The working fluid adopts water machine emulsion, which has low cost and will not cause fire.

(8) EDM cannot process non-conductive materials.

(9) Compared with the general cutting process, the metal removal rate of wire cutting process is low, so the processing cost is high, and it is not suitable for the processing of large quantities of parts with simple shape.