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The basic concept of the CNC wire cutting


(CNC wire cutting)Like EDM, CNC wire cut EDM also directly uses electric energy and thermal energy to process the workpiece. It can process various conductive materials that are difficult to be processed by general cutting methods, such as metal or semiconductor materials with high hardness, high brittleness, high toughness and high thermal sensitivity. As one of the important supplements to machining, WEDM has opened up a new way for the trial production of new products and the manufacture of precision fine parts and molds, such as punch and die of stamping die, tool electrode of EDM machine tool, workpiece template, tool gauge, small workpiece or narrow gap with fine and complex shape, etc, The sheets can be overlapped and processed to obtain a uniform size. Since its application in the late 1950s, NC WEDM has developed very rapidly with its unique characteristics. It has gradually become a high-precision and automatic machining method, and has been widely used in various manufacturing industries such as instruments, meters, electronics, automobiles and so on.