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How to safely operate the CNC wire cutting machine

(CNC wire cutting)Before using the machine tool, the operator of any CNC wire cutting machine tool must be familiar with the safety problems of the machine tool, have a solid safety awareness, and pay attention to the protection of personal safety and machine tool safety, which is the basic literacy of qualified machine tool users. The safety of CNC wire cutting machine tool has many aspects. The operator must be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine tool, master the operating procedures, and strictly abide by the safety rules and operation and maintenance procedures. Untrained personnel cannot operate the equipment. Beginners need supervisors to operate. The machine tool workshop needs regular safety and fire prevention measures.

(CNC wire cutting)Before starting the machine tool, the following work shall be done: check whether all parts of the machine tool are intact, whether the lubricating fluid is in good condition, and whether all wiring is connected properly. Whether the workbench runs well in the X and Y directions and whether the winding drum runs well.

(CNC wire cutting)When installing the workpiece, you also need to pay attention to safety issues. Place the workpiece to be cut on the workbench and fix it with pressing plate screws. When cutting the whole cavity, the workpiece and workbench cannot touch the wire frame. The molybdenum wire shall be installed through the reserved hole on the workpiece and can be cut after alignment. The workpiece shall be clamped firmly, the preload shall be sufficient, and the working surface shall be checked for straightness.

When cutting the workpiece, first start the wire roller, then press the wire feeding button, and then start the working fluid motor and open the working fluid valve after the guide wheel rotates. If you stop the machine during cutting or after processing, you must first turn off the frequency converter, cut off the high-frequency power supply, then turn off the working fluid pump, and finally turn off the wire roller motor after the working fluid on the guide wheel is thrown off