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The precaution of using the CNC wire cutting machine(1)

1. (CNC wire cutting)The operator must be familiar with the operation technology of the thread machine. Before starting the machine, oil and lubricate the relevant parts of the machine tool according to the equipment lubrication requirements (the lubricating oil must meet the requirements of the machine tool manual)

2. (CNC wire cutting)The operator must be familiar with the wire cutting process, properly select the processing parameters and operate according to the operation sequence of Yuanbao to prevent wire breakage and other faults.

3. (CNC wire cutting)After the hand handle is used as the wire storage cylinder, the handle shall be pulled out in time to prevent injury caused by throwing out the handle when the wire storage cylinder rotates. When loading and unloading the electrode wire, pay attention to prevent the electrode wire from getting stuck. The replaced waste wire shall be placed in the window of Yuanbao to prevent it from mixing into the circuit and wire feeding system, resulting in electrical short circuit, electric shock, wire breakage and other accidents. Pay attention to prevent wire breakage and collision of transmission parts caused by inertia of wire barrel. Therefore, when stopping the machine, press the stop button as soon as possible after the wire storage cylinder has just been replaced.

4. Before formally processing the workpiece, confirm that the workpiece position has been installed correctly to prevent collision with the wire frame and damaging the screw rod, nut and other transmission parts due to over travel.

5. The residual stress of the workpiece shall be eliminated as far as possible to prevent personal injury caused by workpiece explosion during cutting. The protective cover shall be installed before processing.