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The precaution of using the CNC wire cutting machine(2)

6. (CNC wire cutting)Inflammables and explosives shall not be placed near the machine tool to prevent accidents caused by discharge sparks caused by insufficient supply of working fluid.

7. (CNC wire cutting)When overhauling the machine tool, machine tool components, pulse power supply and control system, pay attention to properly cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock and damage to circuit components.

8. (CNC wire cutting)Regularly check whether the protective grounding of the machine tool is reliable, pay attention to whether each component is leaking electricity, and try to use an electric shock switch. Close the processing power supply hand, and do not touch the two output terminals of the pulse (bed and workpiece) with hand or hand-held conductive tools at the same time to prevent electric shock

9. (CNC wire cutting)Do not press the switch or touch the electrical part with wet hands. Prevent the working fluid and other conductive materials from entering the electrical part. In case of electrical short circuit, first cut off the power supply, immediately put out the fire with carbon tetrachloride and other suitable fire extinguishers, and do not use water to put out the fire.

10. During shutdown, first stop the high-frequency pulse power supply, then stop the working fluid, let the electrode run for a period of time, and stop the wire feeding after the wire storage cylinder is reversed. After work, turn off the main power supply, clean the workbench and fixture, and lubricate the machine tool