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Characteristics of small oscillation super-fine processing in CNC precision machining

CNC precision machining is a machining method using an abrasive, ie, oil, and a predetermined pressure on the surface of the rotating workpiece to remove the surface material of the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece is parallel to the surface of the workpiece, and the processing is equipped with a certain angle. There is an important role in superfine processing.
Small oscillation of CNC Precision Processing is characterized by a plurality of motion to achieve the removal of the workpiece material. The multi-motion refers to the three orthogonal speed components, two of which are moving with the workpiece surface ( The workpiece line speed and workpiece oscillation speed), the other is the movement of the oil stone, as the above movement (feed speed). CNC precision machining Medium oscillation super fine processing can significantly improve the roughness of the workpiece surface in the shortest hours, and can correct size and reduce shape errors. The same is confirmed that this super-fine method can also improve the surface tissue of the workpiece.