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CNC precision processing virtual simulation system composition

The basic composition of the CNC precision processing simulation system is divided into the following modules.
(1) Operation panel module. This module is the control center of the CNC lathe simulation system to use and control the machine tool. In addition, for some specific simulation objects, the operating panel needs to be consistent with the actual situation.

(2) NC compilation module. In the process of applying a CNC lathe simulation system, in order to enable the system to effectively identify the NC program, the NC compilation module needs to be comprehensively developed. The main function is to receive the CNC code, and on this basis, the lathe parts, tools and other information are translated.

(3) Movement control module. Through the NC program, the lathe knife is determined and the direction of the tool and the speed of feedback is determined, thereby sending certain control instructions to different motion components.

(4) Cutting calculation module. Provide relevant instruction information through the motion control module, effectively judge the interference of workpieces and tools, and calculate the position and workpiece parameters of the tool position and workpiece.

(5) Machine tool scene module. Mainly use computer graphics methods to display the processing process of CNC machine tools to fully display the shape of tool movement and workpiece.