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Nitrogen Gas Spring

Our company focus on CNC precision machining field for several years, all kinds of processing, testing equipment complete, nitrogen gas spring, the company has new drilling and tapping milling machine, walking wire, wire walking, 2.5 D image viewer, three yuan, projectors and other numerical control and testing equipment, products from the complexity and precision are very high, better serving the high-end customer demand. Products involved in 3C, medical, photoelectric, automotive, office and other industries! Welcome to map customization!

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction of nitrogen gas spring

Nitrogen spring is a kind of high performance elastic element. Our company adopts international standards, the use of advanced technology and equipment to achieve high precision, high performance parts; And strict quality control system to ensure the nitrogen spring in the use of reliability, safety and service life to meet. Is your ideal choice.

2. Product Feature and Application of nitrogen gas spring

The piston rod in the nitrogen spring produced by our company has high hardness and durability after the special process of precision processing. The high quality piston rod and precision guide device, coupled with high performance seals, ensure the long service life of the nitrogen spring. Under normal use, the working stroke length is 80-100 km, and the service life is not less than 1 million times. Through the improvement of new technology and new materials, the reliability of products is improved to a new level.

The nitrogen spring produced by our company has the characteristics of small volume, large elasticity, long life and constant elasticity. Small size can save mold space, large elasticity can reduce the number of springs, long life can reduce the number of mold maintenance, thus reducing the total cost of the mold.

The cylinder body of nitrogen spring produced by our company adopts the integral cutting and forming process. Compared with other cylinder bodies, the cylinder body adopts pipe welding and forming method, which ensures the product is more safe and reliable.

3. Product Details of nitrogen gas spring

4. Deliver,Shipping and Serving of nitrogen gas spring

1. Do not store in places with high temperature, humidity and miscellaneous dust.

2. transport should use special packaging box packaging, not collision. After the piston rod is bruised, it will cause gas leakage and affect the service life of the product.

Delivery and transportation according to the actual needs of customers agreed!

5. FAQ

1: Can you can design the equipment according to our size?

Answer:Yes, we will process and produce according to customer's dimensional tolerance requirements and functionality.

2: Do you provide sample? Free or charge?

Answer:We will provide samples according to customer's request, but we need to pay the corresponding production costs.

3: What is your MOQ?

Answer:There is no minimum order.

4: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Answer:We are a manufacturer, you can browse our company profile or visit

5: How long is your delivery time?

Answer:There are many factors that can decide the time of delivery of, this need according to the requirements of the product dimensional accuracy, structure complexity, and order quantity decision

6:What will you do if there is a problem with the quality of your product?

Answer:First of all, please believe that our company attaches great importance to the production process of products and the detection ability of finished products. Although defective products cannot be eliminated, the outflow of defective products can be eliminated.

7: What information do I need to provide so that you can give me an accurate quotation?

Answer:Need standard mechanical three view, clear product material, and clearly marked dimension tolerance and shape tolerance requirements.

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